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HP Inks  - Quality you can trust in every drop 

The HP Scitex inks offering includes latex, solvent, UV-curable and water-based inks, all available in a variety of formulations. Used with 
HP Scitex printers, the inks produce dry, ready-to-use, durable images with a large color gamut on a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates. 
The inks are designed for specific HP Scitex printing systems, ensuring accurate color reproduction and compatibility.

HP Latex Inks

HP Latex Inks are designed to enable high-productivity, low-maintenance printing of a broad range of outdoor and indoor applications 
across both coated and uncoated media. Designed to reduce the impact of printing on the environment, water-based HP Latex Inks, offer 
the performance and durability of low-solvent inks. However, HP Latex Inks have no hazard warning labels, no HAPs, and are 
non-flammable and non-combustible. No special ventilation is required.

Odorless prints are ideal for sensitive display areas. HP Latex Ink prints on HP PVC-free Wall Paper produce odorless indoor wall decorations 
that meet the GREENGUARD Children & Schools standard for low emitting products and AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of 
VOC emissions of indoor building products. Prints produced on HP recyclable media can be returned through the free, convenient HP Large-format 
Media take-back program, providing a compelling alternative for environmentally conscious customers.

Solvent inks

Most solvent ink series offer a choice of ‘Classic’ and ‘Supreme’ grades, which are not simply ‘Economy’ and ‘Premium’ versions, 
but are formulated to meet specific application requirements.

'Classic' is the most cost-effective ink series and is designed for outdoor durability for up to one year, making it attractive for shorter-life applications.
'Supreme' series inks offer a longer outdoor durability of up to two years, and other benefits that make them the preferred option for their target applications.

Designed together with HP Scitex solvent inks, the HP printing materials portfolio offers a full vehicle wrap solution. HP is the only 
company that offers and warrants the entire printing system. The HP solution includes HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl 
as well as the HP Clear Gloss Cast Overlaminate. The HP Performance Warranty covers image performance, durability, and clean removal 
up to five years.

Specialty inks
HP Scitex offers a range of specialty inks that were formulated for special applications and/or that use special technologies. Specialty inks include:
    • UV-curable HP XP231 Specialty Billboard Scitex ink, which enables high-speed and high-yield billboard printing using the HP Scitex XP5300/XP2300 Printer.
    • Solvent-based HP DS100 Specialty Textile Scitex dye sublimation ink, which was formulated for printing on fabrics using the HP Scitex XL1500 DS printer (with the dye sublimation upgrade).
UV-curable inks
HP Scitex UV-curable inks deliver high image quality while enabling printing practices with reduced environmental impact. Designed for different HP flatbed, hybrid, roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet printers, they are offered in 4-, 6- and 8- color configurations, feature an extensive color gamut, and provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of media, with high durability and optimized outdoor fade and abrasion resistance.

The HP range of UV-curable inks includes HP FB210 White Scitex Ink, an acrylate-based ink used by the HP Scitex FB6100 Printer. This white ink prints white data on non-white substrates to create a high-quality white background on opaque and clear substrates. The ink was formulated to ensure superb adhesion to a variety of plastics and other smooth materials.

Choose from a wide range HP printing materials designed together with HP Scitex UV-curable inks. The portfolio includes both outdoor and indoor substrates and ranges from low-cost, uncoated media to a selection of banner, self-adhesive, film, fabric, paper, and specialty options.

Strict quality-control standards

Most HP Scitex inks are produced by HP in our own state-of-the-art factories to strict quality-control standards. Each batch is tested and certified to meet an array of rigorous physical, chemical, and colorimetric specifications. Because the properties of ink can affect everything in the printing system — and hence productivity and output quality — every change in HP Scitex ink formulations undergoes exhaustive testing both in the laboratory and in production environments. This investment in quality control means that every liter of HP Scitex inks is optimized to perform to HP's exacting standards.

    • Our ink manufacturing process includes more than 20 quality parameters, including color space, color strength, gloss, transparency, scratch resistance, durability, flexibility, adhesion, environmental legislation, shelf life, light fastness, abrasion resistance, viscosity, sensitivity to temperature, printer drying capacity, print speed, dot size, surface tension, particle size and more.

    • As part of HP's long-term quality commitment, one liter of every batch of HP Scitex ink manufactured is kept for monitoring purposes.

    • HP always keeps a two month stock of ink close to the customer, ensuring timely delivery.

    • Plants that produce HP Scitex inks are ISO 9001 certified.

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